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Kowala is one of the first stablecoin companies, and our kUSD stable cryptocurrency is designed to track the value of 1 USD. Our unique protocol allows for distributed ownership of mining rights through the purchase of mining tokens, called mUSD.
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Stablecoins are one of the hottest topics in the blockchain industry today because the volatility of most cryptocurrencies has prevented the mass adoption of cryptocurrency as a usable daily digital money. Stable cryptocurrency promises to address this problem and to open up vast new markets. This market opportunity has led companies like Goldman Sachs, IBM, Andreessen Horowitz, Pantera, Lightspeed and others to invest over $348 million into the stablecoin sector over the last several months. Unfortunately, few of these projects appear open to distributed ownership, preventing individuals from participating financially in the growth of stablecoins.

Kowala is offering future mUSD mining rights for the first time in a qualified sale under Regulation D, 506(c) and Regulation S. Qualified purchasers may reach out to Kowala regarding ownership of the kUSD stablecoin mining network.

Project Status

  • Founded in 2016 and grown to a globally distributed team of 16 people
  • Bootstrapped and raised seed equity in 2017 of $600,000
  • Sold $3.5M worth of mUSD tokens in a limited pre-sale
  • Filed patents in the U.S. and internationally — patent pending in U.S. (16/140,407) and PCT (US/18/52492)
  • kUSD blockchain alpha mainnet launched with Kowala’s Tendermint derived Konsensus mechanism
  • Established key partnerships with exchanges, payment providers and wallets including exrates, Right BTC, Coinpayments, and Ledger

The Kowala Protocol

Kowala is a multinational team of thinkers, technologists and business professionals. They are the creators of the Kowala Protocol, a method for constructing distributed, self-regulating, asset-tracking, dual-token blockchains that will be decentralized, scalable by design, and backed by algorithms and economics.

For more information on the economics and technology behind the Kowala Protocol, read the white paper.

kUSD, a cryptocurrency designed to track the value of $1 USD, is envisioned to be the first blockchain released using the Kowala Protocol. Like other cryptocurrencies, kUSD will be created through nodes mining on a network; mining kUSD requires a minimum number of mUSD, mining tokens.

A Dual-Token Blockchain

kUSD: Fast, Stable Money with Low Fees

Kowala plans to create the following features for kUSD:

  • kUSD coins are designed to track the value of $1 USD.
  • The network targets ~1 second transaction times.
  • Average transaction fees will be as low as $0.01 USD.
  • The Kowala Protocol is designed to automatically create kUSD to meet market demand and then distribute them to miners on the network.
  • In times of low demand, the Kowala Protocol is designed to automatically and permanently remove kUSD from circulation (or “burn” them) to stimulate a price increase.
  • The total number of kUSD available is not subject to arbitrary limits because the number of coins issued will be continuously adjusted to reflect market demand.

mUSD: Mining Tokens Required to Mine kUSD

Kowala plans to create the following features for mUSD:

  • mUSD are mining tokens used to mine on the kUSD blockchain.
  • Miners will be able to earn newly minted kUSD and can also earn kUSD from transaction fees by processing transactions on the kUSD blockchain.
  • A minimum of 30,000 mUSD mining tokens will be required to mine.
  • There will be a maximum of 1,073,741,824 mUSD mining tokens.
  • mUSD mining tokens are not designed to be stable.

The Kowala Team

The Kowala team is a group of experienced fintech software developers, blockchain engineers and business professionals from the US, UK, Portugal, Spain, Canada and Russia with backgrounds in leadership, business development, and blockchain and application development.

Eiland Glover


John Reitano


Paul Fox

Director of Engineering

Ricardo Geraldes

Lead Blockchain Engineer

Eugene Danilenko

Blockchain Engineer

Albert Callarisa

Senior Software Enginer

Jose Pinto

Software Engineer

Adrian Hetman

Blockchain Engineer

Jonathan Gimeno

Senior Software Engineer

Adam King

Lead Application Engineer

Xavier Pérez

Mobile Application Engineer

Walker Willse

VP Business Development

Dominique Nguyen

Operations Manager

Roman Markuze

Customer Success

Maryam Southam

HR Manager

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